Why Do I Need a
Property Appraisal
During Divorce?

Divorce is a very long and painful process in which there are many decisions to be made including what to do with the marital home. Some couples decide to sell the home and split the profits while others may determine that the best course of action is for one spouse to stay while another is paid a portion of the property’s value and leaves.

When a decision has been made that the home is to be sold or the mortgage is to be refinanced as the result of a divorce, the appraiser plays a key role by generating a reliable and credible opinion of the property’s value. An experienced appraiser will estimate the fair market value of the home and will provide a professional well-supported report that is defensible in court.

Oftentimes your situation will call for a retrospective appraisal to be performed which involves appraising a home based on a prior date which is typically the date of the divorce or filing. This means that the actual valuation date of the property differs from the actual inspection date of the property.

TCO APPRAISALS has completed numerous divorce appraisals over the years and understands exactly what is involved in the process. We assure you that we will handle this delicate situation with the utmost care. Our appraisers are bound by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) ethics provision which means you will receive the highest level of confidentiality and the utmost discretion.

Why Should I Choose TCO APPRAISALS to conduct my Divorce Appraisal?

When you work with TCO APPRAISALS you can rest assured that you will get the best in professional service as well as the highest quality appraisal reports. Our team of exceptional and professional appraisers will also respect and protect your privacy in a divorce situation.

The team of certified residential appraisers at TCO APPRAISALS is passionate about providing customers with a credible and detailed value of each property. We understand the appraisal industry and offer years of experience in San Diego County. We work with divorce attorneys and maintain a competitive pricing system, fast turnaround and personalized service.

What Other Appraisal Services Do You Offer?

TCO APPRAISALS has a team of certified residential appraisers that have years of experience appraising all types property in the San Diego area. We can help you determine your property’s value and offer specialized services such as: